The idea behind Monday Happy Monday

Just imagine how much your company could change if its transformation were human-centred: focused on your employees and customers, and if you applied a method to the innovation process that connects analysis and creativity. Can you imagine that? We can.

Què és Monday Happy Monday?

Monday Happy Monday was created with a view to helping organisations to design and make memorable innovation and transformation projects, in which people, are placed at the centre come true. We want to make our mark on and leave our legacy in each one of our projects.

We come from the area of human resources within large companies and corporations. We have hybridised our knowledge of people with innovation methodologies. We understand that human-centred innovation is the cornerstone on which the new solutions of the 21st Century should be built, and that Design Tthinking and Agile Methodologies are the right way forward if we are to design and implement usable solutions that are tangible and significant.

This is our value proposition:

  • We go much further than typical innovation consultancies, because our sensitivity towards people allows us to flexibly adapt to each company’s corporate culture.
  • We go much further than traditional consulting because our working method is based on creating internal innovation teams and accompanying them and helping them to find a tailored in context solution to their challenge, in a human-centred, tangible and implementable fashion. We do not provide the solution, but rather guide the way to reach andimplement it.
  • We go much further than agencies that organise events, training or happenings, because our projects always feature a value-based deliverable that triggers real and genuine changes.

People-centric innovation allows us to come up with creative and effective solutions for employees and customers alike.

Monday Happy Monday wants to help you to transform your company, bring about tangible changes and implement a genuine human-centred innovation process.

What about you? Where do your challenges lie?

Què és Monday Happy Monday?


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