Alicia Linares Roger

Only organisations with a Reason Why and who truly want to embrace challenge will manage to do so.

Alicia Linares Roger

For more than 20 years I have worked in both large companies, gleaning first-hand experience of their reality, and as part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. I love the way that people learn, innovate and go digital. I am convinced that truly people-centric organisations will be successful.

I am also convinced that the key ingredient in any organisation is to believe in the human factor and afford it the strategic value it really deserves. Moreover, I see the new digital transformation environment as a great opportunity for people and for companies who know what their goal is and want to make it come true.

I am a founding partner of Monday Happy Monday, where I help teams from organisations to jointly create new solutions to move forward, adapt, transform and be successful in a changing, challenging and digital environment.

I am Alicia Linares Roger. I am a pedagogue and specialise in facilitating learning and innovation processes. Professional advancement and talent management are part of my core expertise, which I have consolidated thanks to my training in digital branding. I am a certified trainer in the Lombard disruptive innovation method and I believe in human-centred innovation.

Alicia Linares Roger


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